Bespoke Compliance Management

Pre-licence audit | On-boarding | Consultancy tailored to your specific needs

SLS will evaluate and report on compliance with the Sponsor Licence requirements and evidence will be sought against 5 criteria pertaining to the implementation of the Sponsor Licence duties:

  • Monitoring of Immigration Status and Prevention of Illegal Working

  • Maintaining Migrant Contact Details

  • Record Keeping

  • Migrant Tracking

  • Monitoring Recruitment Practices and Professional Accreditations

Note: The ‘right to work check’ is the responsibility of the employer

A 12 Month Sponsor Licence Consultancy Package gives the client:

Access to SLS’s Sponsor Licence and migrant/dependant services. All of the benefits illustrated within the ‘Lite’ Account Package Reduced fees on all SLS core immigration services and unlimited consultancy.