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Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence

The Skilled Worker visa has been recently introduced as a new UK visa category. In order to apply for this visa, you need a sponsorship from a UK based employer. However, such an employer is only capable of offering a sponsorship when holding a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence.

The Skilled Worker Licence allows an employer to issue “Certificates of Sponsorship” (CoS), which is offered to potential applicants. In absence of CoS, it is not possible to apply for the Skilled Worker visa.

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What is a Sponsor Licence?

A sponsor licence is required when a UK based business owner wishes to employ a migrant from inside or outside the UK. Hence, to hire an employee from overseas, the employers are required to hold a sponsor licence. The basic purpose of issuing a sponsor licence is to stop the abuse of immigration system by discouraging illegal migrant workers in the UK.

There are several complexities involved in SLA, from giving out detailed information of your company to choosing the type of application to providing sufficient evidence of why the employment is necessary. However, one of the requirements of the application rests upon you presenting that you have a legitimate business in the UK, and you want to use the overseas talent which would benefit your business. Home office duly scrutinizes the business/organisation applying for a sponsor licence to ensure that the holder of sponsor licence meets the compliance responsibilities.

How to apply for a Skilled worker sponsor licence ?

Skilled worker visa can only be issued by an employer who holds a sponsor licence. Acquiring a sponsor licence allows an employer to issue a certificate of sponsorship (COS) for their potential employee, which in turns helps the migrant worker to apply for a Skilled Worker visa. Practically speaking, a migrant worker based either inside or outside the UK will be unable to apply for skilled worker visa without a certificate of sponsorship.

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