Exploring Visa-Sponsored Hospitality Career Options in the UK

Despite all the doom and gloom about the hospitality sector in the UK after Covid, the number of jobs in the sector is far in excess of what might be thought. In fact, according to Job Market Insights, in June this year some 22,000 companies had 95,345 vacancies. That works out at getting on for five vacancies for every business, which, when you think about it, is a lot.

Fair enough, some in the hospitality sector have a number of employees. Large restaurants for instance, have kitchen staff, waiters, waitresses, bar staff, and so on. Some are much smaller, as, for example, a public house near us which has only around 9 or 10 staff, and they are not all on at the same time because it opens at 11.00 am and stays open until 11.00 pm. There may be only one or two staff on at the beginning and late in the evening.

What this means for potential immigrants to the UK is that there are many hospitality jobs with visa sponsorship in the UK available for those who want them. So, for instance if you are a skilled chef who is prepared to work long hours (which is the usual requirement) then you should be able to find a range of opportunities to come and live here.

At Sponsor Licence Specialists, we are able to provide business owners in the hospitality sector with opportunities to employ skilled workers from around the world.

Valid For Four Years

A sponsor licence enables UK businesses to employ workers from overseas. The licence is valid for four years, and it can also be renewed at that point. Of course, as with everything to do with immigration and the Home Office, there are a lot of rules and regulations, and they apply to hospitality jobs with visa sponsorship in the UK as well as any other industries.

If you run a pub, bar, restaurant, or any other sort of catering outlet, then you can apply for a visa sponsorship. This also applies to accommodation, entertainment and recreation, and travel and tourism as well. They all come under the overall heading of hospitality.

At Sponsor Licence Specialists, we can help you through the issues surrounding the regulations to obtain such a licence. This will then enable you to bring in workers from overseas to fill in the gaps in your organisation and not have to worry about staffing shortages again.