Your Trusted Partner for Sponsor Licence Planning

Applying for a sponsor licence brings with it various mandatory sponsor licence application fees, but how much you specifically pay can vary greatly. When providing bespoke guidance to each client on likely costs, we consider all the variables at play. Below we break down the key details that influence overall sponsor licence application expenses.

The Scale of Hiring Plans

As you shape your hiring strategy, we help determine the ideal number of certificates of sponsorship to request. Budgeting too few risks business-damaging recruitment gaps if growth exceeds forecasts. But apply for too many and allocation wastage penalties apply.

We make realistic projections informed by:

  • Expected staff turnover rates
  • Likely workforce expansion ambitions e.g. new products or contracts
  • Seasonal or upcoming activity spikes

Timeframes Involved

How quickly you wish to progress the application and sponsor your first worker influences costs like:

  • Priority visa services – accelerated options come at a higher government premium
  • Legal or professional advisor fees – condensed application timeframes can increase fees

Ongoing Management Plans

The true expense of sponsoring staff extends well beyond just application and renewal fees. You must handle year-round responsibilities like:

  • Immigration Skills and health surcharges – collected via certificate set-off deductions
  • Usage fees for every certificate assigned to a worker
  • Compliance advice to avoid penalties – from large fines down to small paperwork errors

Funding Requirements

Every business has varying access to finances for new projects like overseas recruitment. So our role includes tailoring cost breakdowns according to available budgets. This means exploring elements like:

  • Estimated upfront application costs
  • Ongoing worker visa or surcharge fees
  • Instalment plans to ease cash flow impacts
  • Grants or other assistance schemes if eligible
  • Focusing On Quality Over Cost

We focus advice on the requirements for a watertight submission, compliance fundamentals and developing the systems to sustain this. The aim is to build a programme that yields an optimal return on investment – through both productive workers and minimised long-run costs.

Regular Reassessments

Not all complexities around sponsor licence application fees and specific needs can be foreseen at the application stage. As trusted advisors, we pledge to review your unique situation and staffing plans as they evolve. This allows us to:

  • Adjust certificate allocation volumes promptly as hiring ambitions shift
  • Flag any requirement changes under policy updates that maintain worker compliance
  • Identify efficiency or cost reduction improvements as new best practices emerge

We believe no good sponsor should struggle under the weight of unexpected costs. Whether you’re applying for the very first time or faced with an upcoming renewal, contact our team. We’re always on standby to discuss the fee implications for your budget.