Key Requirements in UKVI Student Sponsor Guidance

When it comes to sponsoring international students in the UK, educational institutions must meet certain requirements. These requirements are outlined under the UKVI student sponsor guidance.

By familiarising yourself with the requirements that are critical for educational institutions to support and enrol overseas students, you will be able to navigate this landscape with confidence.

Some of the key requirements outlined by the UKVI student sponsor guidance are:

  • Sponsor licence – A valid sponsor licence issued by the Home Office in the UK must be held by educational institutions to sponsor international students. This licence shows that the institutions meet the eligibility to fulfil their responsibilities as sponsors.
  • Adherence to immigration rules – Educational institutions must adhere to all the immigration rules that are set by the UK government. This means ensuring the sponsor students meet visa requirements and must maintain accurate records. Also, any issues or changes must be reported to UKVI.
  • CAS – CAS or confirmation of acceptance for studies must be issued by the educational institutions. This document confirms the student has been accepted and meets all the criteria for sponsorship.
  • Tracking student attendance – Student attendance must be monitored and reported to UKVI. Students must regularly attend their classes as this means they are complying with their visa conditions.

Besides these, it is the duty of the educational institution to report any significant changes or breaches of immigration rules. This includes the student’s withdrawal from the course or even a change of address. UKVI also expects the institutions to maintain accurate student records. These records must be readily available for inspection.

The UKVI student sponsor guidance also states that institutions must be prepared for inspections and compliance audits. These are done to ensure that educational institutions are meeting their obligations as sponsors. The institutions must fully cooperate during these audits and provide all the necessary documentation as requested by the UKVI.

Additionally, educational institutions are expected to offer adequate support services to the sponsored students, including orientation programs, guidance on visa applications, and so on.


So, this is what you need to know about UKVI student sponsor guidance and its key requirements. If you are an educational institution looking to sponsor overseas students, you have to apply for a sponsor licence. To navigate this realm, connect with Sponsor Licence Specialists. We have the experience and expertise required to ensure your application gets processed successfully.