List Of Documents For Sponsor Licence Applications

Many businesses in the UK are struggling to find employees to fill vacant positions in their workforce for the simple reason that there is a shortage of UK workers with the required skills. This means that very often they need to employ workers from overseas in order to fill in the gaps.

However, there are a lot of regulations with which an employer needs to comply. Not the least of these is that it is necessary to have a sponsor licence from the Home Office and making a sponsor licence application for the licence can be very complicated.

Just to begin with, the rules on sponsoring overseas workers, or workers who are here on a visa, are contained within the Home Office document: “Workers and Temporary Workers: Guidance for Sponsors” which runs to no less than 200 pages, together with multiple appendices as well! You can begin to understand why making a sponsor licence application can be extremely time-consuming and it may also be difficult for an employer to understand all the various regulations.

Fees To Be Paid

In addition to that, there are fees to be paid to the Home Office for a sponsor licence and these are £536 for a small business and £1,476 for large ones. On top of that you need a CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) for each individual worker you employ which costs £199. Then there is an Immigration Skills Charge for each skilled worker which is presently set at £364 p.a. for small companies and £1,000 p.a. for large ones.

You also have to provide sponsor licence application documents. These must add up to a minimum of four documents and you should make sure you have read the full “Workers and Temporary Workers: guidance for sponsors and/or Student sponsor guidance” before you apply for your sponsor licence. These sponsor licence application documents are listed on “Appendix A: supporting documents for sponsor licence application” on the Home Office website.

All of this can be very confusing to many business owners who need to hire more staff, but don’t fully understand all the rules and regulations that apply. This is why so many businesses come to us at Sponsor Licence Specialists for the simple reason that we do understand all this. We can help you to make your application for a sponsor licence so that everything is streamlined, and you don’t have to get too involved in all of the technicalities.

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