Tips For Effective Recruitment With A Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence

Many businesses in the UK are suffering from staff shortages, for the simple reason that there are not enough employees available who have the necessary skills for the position that they have open. What this means is that those business owners have to look elsewhere for the employees that they need, and that in turn means looking overseas.

There are many skilled workers in a wide range of industries in other countries who would love to come and live and work in the UK if only they would be welcomed by our government. As we all know, immigration is going through the roof, but many of these people are asylum seekers fleeing other countries and do not necessarily have the skills that employers require. This has resulted in strict rules and regulations for employers wishing to recruit from overseas.

In order to do so, the business needs a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence, and this must be obtained before you can employ a foreign national. Once you have it, the licence is valid for four years, and it can be renewed. The Home Office takes certain factors into account when issuing such a licence and you need to ensure that you follow everything correctly. Not only could you suffer from having the licence revoked if you don’t, but you could also face fines. At Sponsor Licence Specialists, we can help you to make certain that your business is compliant.

What You Need to Do

In order to make an application to the Home Office, you have to provide details of your business or organisation; the role, or roles, that you wish to fill; and your recruitment and HR processes. You have to keep accurate records and comply with the immigration laws. You must also provide reports as required.

The employee will need a Tier 2 Visa and must have a valid offer of a job. You need to choose from the range of options on the application form, as you can only obtain a skilled worker sponsor licence for the categories that are included. You will also need to provide documents that show the legal status and registration of your business, that you have employer liability insurance, details of your HR policies, and information about the appointment of key personnel in your business.

As you can see, applying for a sponsorship licence can be tricky, because everything needs to be just right. At Sponsor Licence Specialists, we can help you find your way through all the legalities.

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